Fascinated with the possibilities offered by the universe of Lewis Carroll, Eva Franco faces the challenge of playing with the miscegenation of adding to everything that Alice found when she went down the rabbit hole or after going through the mirror, with the richness that Basque mythology treasures.
Koldo Landaluze. Film and television series specialist

Eva Franco

Zumaia, Gipuzkoa.


Portrait photographer and image creator. Enjoys the process of developing a concept to create the styling and set designs that envelop the characters and thus turn ideas into visual stories.

She studied photography, BA (Hons) Photography, at Reading College and School of Arts and Design. Berkshire, England.

In 2021 she receives the "Argizaiola" photography award for her image "Sisters" which belongs to her ongoing personal project "MASKARADA" in which she expresses personal reflections inspired by Basque culture and mythology.

Although photography is at the core of her work, she is currently discovering the creative possibilities of AI-generated images.

For any questions, quote requests or simply to share your ideas, do not hesitate to contact me. I am Eva Franco Image, and I greatly value communication with my clients.

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